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Directions to The Vigo University School of Business Studies (E.U.E.E.)

The Vigo University School of Business Studies (EUEE) is located in the centre of Vigo, on the Historical Campus, Torrecedeira Street, nº 105. Its privileged location in the centre of Vigo means easy access either from Vigo, or other nearby towns.

Directions to the EUEE from Vigo using city transport

There are a number of city transport links run by the Vitrasa company, all of which stop near the EUEE. The Circular Centro C1 line stops right in front of the School of Business Studies (EUEE). The Vitrasa route map clearly shows all transport links and routes – by simply placing the map cursor on Calle Torrecedeira. On the left-hand side of the map there is a list of all lines and routes, and by clicking a route it appears on the map. All the Vitrasa bus routes can also be found on their website.

Vitrasa – further information

Bus directions to the EUEE from outside Vigo

There are various public transport companies providing bus lines and routes for university students, meaning they can travel from their hometowns to the business school. Some of these are listed below, although these are not the only routes, and there are various other forms of transport:

Bus Route: Marín - Pontevedra - Vigo University Campus

Bus Route: Pontevedra - Vigo

Route: Ourense - Campus de Vigo

  • Company: Auto Industrial
  • Tel (Vigo): 986 37 16 65
  • Tel (Ourense): 988 21 53 56

Directions to Vigo by boat

Cangas - Vigo Crossing

Moaña - Vigo Crossing